Sales Region Designer (SRD)

Various entities within your organization deal with your customer base, such as distribution centers, sales offices or market research. The assignment of all customers to the most appropriate organizational entity can be very challenging. For example, assigning delivery plants closest to your customers’ locations is essential for highly efficient and cost-saving transportation.

The solution Sales Region Designer (SRD) provides you with the means to select your customers in a flexible way. Once the customers are selected and located, you can review and rearrange the assignments with the help of an interactive graphical tool.

Metrics like “Average distance” or “Average driving time” are updated while you perform your re-assignments.

Once the re-assignments have been finished, the result can be released and the assignments of the organizational objects (e.g. new delivery plant by customer) are posted.

The SRD process chain at a glance:

  • Create the Regions: The first step is creating a so-called “Region”. The “Region” is a discretionary planning area that you define to work with for remapping.

  • Create the POIs: POIs (points-of-interests) are objects with an address, which will be located.

  • Create the Districts: The district will represent your delivery plant.

  • Upload Table: Additional customers (external data, e.g. MS Excel files) can also be uploaded for remapping.

  • Select Additional Customers

  • Start Selector: The tool will geo-locate all customers, which are selected via the assigned selection groups.

  • Start Remapper

  • Analyze New Assignments

  • Perform Update

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