Continuous Product Replenishment (CPR)

If you are managing your customer’s inventory, CPR enables you to replenish your customers with product right in time. You can choose from different methods to plan the replenishment, such as calendar-based (fixed cycles) or forecast-based, considering delivery history and parameters like weather data (degree days) or steady usage patterns.

CPR greatly improves customer service because it helps your Telesales agents to be more proactive: they can contact customers with the latest offers just when they are ready to re-order. Contacting customers at the right time will also minimize the risk of your customers ordering from the competition.

Key Functions:

  • Forecasting for end consumer business
  • Creates call lists for Telesales agents
  • Creates email campaigns
  • Supports automatic order creation
  • Supports different methods for calculation
  • Increase sales activities

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